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As we prepare for the summer, we tend to fall into the lockdown routine. Slicked foreheads with sunscreen, and masks above our noses, we often forget what our faces truly look like. The features we once wanted to accentuate are now hidden, our eyes being the common focal point in our Covid-19 filled world. We fail to remember the freckles that adorn our noses or the way our mouths crinkle when we smile.

Now more than ever, our glasses are the main event-- a way to express ourselves and provide clarity for our day-to-day life. The main question is; how can we tell where to start when it comes to glasses selection? With so many design options, selecting a frame can be intimidating. To make the selection process easier, try to think of these questions the next time you're in the market for a new pair of specs.


What sort of lifestyle do you lead?

Are you most likely to be cruising your mountain bike down some trails, or do you prefer staying at home and curling up with a good book? Depending on your lifestyle you may choose something more practical over something more out there. If you're more active, for example, we recommend a well-fitting basic frame without embellishments.

What styles have you tried in the past?

Do you usually go for a basic shape, or do you lean towards more neoteric options? Evaluating what you already own can be the key to choosing something cohesive. Do you prefer a statement piece, or would you rather have a reliable backup pair in a shape that you love? These choices are personal and vary for each individual.

Colour or neutral?

Do you rock bold colours, or do you have more of a neutral palette? Having your glasses own the room can be a great way to show off your style. If you have limitations to your attire, a strong pair of frames can be a great way to incorporate boldness or add an effortless touch.

What speaks to you?

The most important aspect when deciding on a new set of frames is to listen to yourself! Throwing all rules of thumb out the window can sometimes help you select a frame you wouldn't have ever thought of. Encourage yourself to try on new things, even if it intimidates you at first.

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